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Dental Crowns – An Effective Teeth Restoration Treatment

Five Corners Dental Centre is Abbotsford’s leading dentist clinic providing dental crown teeth restoration treatment for chipped, decayed or discolored teeth.


Dental crowns are a safe and reliable way for filling in the gaps between your teeth and helping you revitalize your smile. Are you facing problems with decayed or missing teeth? Dental crowns are highly recommended by our Abbotsford dentists at Five Corners Dental Centre as an effective teeth restoration treatment. Not only do they help in restoring your teeth, theyalso improve your facial aesthetics. If you find it hard to chew food properly or if your bite is unaligned, you are an ideal candidate for dental crowing.

We at Five Corners Dental Centre provide many kinds of custom-made crowns that look and feel like your natural teeth. Our dental team helps you pick anideal crown for you based on your preference and financial budget.

What Makes You an Ideal Candidate for Dental Crown Treatment?

You may require a crown, in case:

  • You have got a large cavity, which cannot be filled
  • You want to cover a dental implant
  • You want to hide an uneven, stainedor yellow tooth and accentuate your smile!
  • You have a missing or decayedtooth and require a bridge
  • You’ve had a root canal and want to protect that tooth
  • You are having a chipped or weakened tooth

If you are considering dental crowns, feel free to request a consultation with our experts. To get started, click here.

Dental Crowning at Our Abbotsford Clinic

 In general, for the dental crowning treatment, you need to visit our clinic for two sittings. At the time of your first visit, we examine your tooth and prepare it by removing its outer portion to help the dental crown fit-in properly. In case any decayed tooth is found, we will remove the same.

A tooth impression is taken so our dentists can design a customized permanent dental crown for you.

Using the impression, we will create a temporary crown that willbe placed on your tooth for nearly two weeks till the time your new crown is fabricated by our team.

In your next sitting, we are going to remove the temporary crown, deepclean your tooth and fix the customized permanentdental crowncarefully, making sure that the bite and spacing is correct.

To get more information on dental crowns and to book an appointment with us, click here or call at (604) 744-4454.

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