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Make any Dental Appointment a Sweet Dream

Sedation Dentistry in Abbotsford

Do you dread visiting dentist? Do dental appointments give you nightmares? You are certainly not alone. A number of Abbotsford patients skip their regular check-ups because pain and discomfort usually associated with dental treatments make them nervous. Not anymore. It’s time to say bye-bye to dental phobia and hello to sedation dentistry. We at Five Corner Dental Center offer a number of easy solutions to help reduce stress and anxiety so that you can have hassle free dental treatments of your choice.

Contrary to popular belief, sedation dentistry does not involve inducing sleep. Commonly used sedatives like nitrous oxide also known as laughing gas, conscious oral sedationand IV sedation only reduce anxiety and keeps a patient calm throughout the dental treatment without putting them to sleep. In fact, you can talk to your doctor throughout the treatment. Drowsiness reported by some is actually the side effect of certain medication.

A boon for patients with low pain tolerance, sedation dentistry offers you a number of options that can be taken orally which means no injections, no pain and no anxiety. Since it obliterates all memories of even minor details such as odors, it is ideal for patients with strong gag reflex, physical handicaps or those seeking multiple treatments in a single sitting.

The two most important aspects of sedation dentistry happen to be safety and compliance so our top priority is to ensure you have a safe and hassle free experience that is completely free of pain.Whether you need to getfillings or crowns, bridges, root canals, extractions, cosmetic procedures or periodontal treatments, no more putting off your dental visits out of sheer anxiety. Contact us today to find out more about sedation dentistry and what we can do to make your treatment comfortable and stress-free.

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