Common Dental problems and dealing with it effectively

Dental problems include many things from an unaligned set of teeth to severe and fatal issues like oral cancer and everything in between. Poor dental health does not stop with bad breath and foul smelling mouth, it has the potential to harm your heart and even affect the overall health. That is why visiting the dentist regularly to ensure oral hygiene is advocated.

Some common dental problems

Some common dental problems that have to be detected and treated effectively include

Bad breath-   Bad breath may sometimes result when you take food with a strong odor like garlic or onion. But persistent bad breath is referred to as halitosis, and poor dental health is the reason for this condition.  The poor dental condition could again include a range of issues like bacteria in the tongue, gum diseases, cavities, dry mouth or even oral cancer.  Your dentist would be able to detect the reason and give appropriate treatment.

Tooth decay– This is also known as cavities. This occurs due to the sticky film that develops in the teeth when you eat starch-rich or sugary foods.  Cavities form on the tooth because the sticky substance eats away the tooth enamel. Tooth decay may occur at any age; it is especially quicker in children with milk tooth.

Gum diseases- It is also known as periodontal disease. It refers to the infection of gums and is considered to be the major reason for tooth loss in adults.  The two types of gum diseases that you might come across include gingivitis and periodontitis. The risk of gum diseases is significant in people with diabetes and dry mouth condition.  The symptoms of gum disease include bad breath, swollen gums, reddish color of the gum, pain while chewing, etc. Routine dental cleaning and regular dental check-ups would help prevent gum diseases. It would be detected at an early stage and treated effectively by famous dentist in Abbotsford like all other dental problems you might encounter.

Mouth sores- Mouth sores may appear and disappear on its own. But, it might happen due to some reasons. It is good to know why they occurred and take effective measures to prevent such a condition so that it does not appear again. The types of sores include

 Common sores– They are called canker sores or aphthous ulcers. They occur on the inside of the mouth. They occur due to many reasons and are not a reason for worry if they disappear within two weeks.

Cold sores– This is caused by the Herpes simplex virus. This occurs on the edges of the outer lips, are contagious in nature and cannot cure it completely. They come and go from time to time.

Candidiasis- This refers to the sores on the oral thrush. It is an infection caused by yeast. It is common in children, denture wearers, diabetic patients and persons undergoing cancer treatment.

Toothaches– Toothaches can occur due to a number of reasons, the major reason being tooth decay and cavities that have gone deep and affected the root of the teeth.  Your dentist would provide both immediate and long-term remedy to prevent toothache.

Visit the dentist regularly.

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