How to take care of sensitive teeth ?

The sensitive tooth is a common problem among masses. Various causes lead to it, and it is as essential to take care of the same.  Be it an ice cream cone or a glass of warm water; sensitivity can affect one’s teeth at any point. Let us have a look at the various causes of sensitivity and how to deal with it-


Causes – There can be the various reason that leads to sensitivity. The most common ones being receding gums and weak enamel. It can also be caused due to some treatment which has been carried out in the teeth and in some cases, it is due to the exposure of roots of the teeth. Undergoing whitening treatments and using over the counter drugs can also be a cause of tooth sensitivity sometimes. It can affect a single tooth or a group of teeth at once. Experts have mentioned that stress and acidic foods can also trigger tooth sensitivity. When the enamel weakens, the dentin is exposed leading to tooth sensitivity upon having hot and cold foods. The same goes for a loose crown.


Whitening sensitive teeth – Sensitive teeth can undergo whitening. However, a desensitizing gel should be applied to reduce the discomfort caused as a result of whitening. Similarly, doctors of general dentistry in Abbotsford should be consulted with to understand the long term effects and necessary precautions should be taken such as limiting the intake of sugary drinks and foods.


Braces on sensitive teeth– When braces are put on sensitive teeth, extra care needs to be taken with respect to cleaning and brushing. The space under the wires should be thoroughly cleaned using a suitable brush to avoid particle accumulation that may cause damage leading to increased sensitivity.


Diagnosis– Doctors of general dentistry in Abbotsford can help examine and detect the presence of tooth sensitivity with the help of rays. If it is in the initial stages then the same could be cured with a change in food eating habits. Similarly wearing a mouth guard is advised while going to sleep is recommended if sensitivity is caused due to clenching of teeth. Cutting down on caffeine and adopting stress-relieving activities such as yoga and meditation is advised as per the diagnosed cause of tooth sensitivity.


Gum treatment– If the underlying cause of sensitivity is gum disease or receding gums, then treatments are done accordingly. Removing the plaque accumulation in the gum through scaling and prescribed antibiotics are performed.  Using a suitable toothpaste and brush and the right way of brushing are some essential guidelines to follow since harsh or abrasive brushing can, in turn, lead to tooth sensitivity.


It is advised that when there is a sharp pain while consuming something hot or cold and when the initial symptoms of tooth sensitivity are detected, it is ideal not to take the help of experts. Be it a simple mouthwash and toothpaste change or a treatment that needs to be undergone, doctors can recommend what is best per person’s needs.



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