Top 3 Celebrity Dental Trends You Need to Know

With the advancement in the technology, there have been a massive improvement and dental arena is no exception. The glam and glitz of the entertainment world has not spared the dental area and is one of the reasons for the sudden spike in cosmetic dentistry. Almost all the celebrities we know have gone through some or the other dental treatments to get pearly white teeth.
Here are the top there most common dental trends to achieve that Instagram-perfect smile-

1. Teeth Whitening

Did you know Victoria Beckham reportedly spent $40,000 on cosmetic dentistry? Demi Moore, Cheryl Cole, George Clooney, Sophie Bush, all these celebs have undergone the best cosmetic treatments to getsparkly white teeth and it’s no wonder that they look absolutely gorgeous flaunting their smile.

Teeth whitening involves reduction or the removal of the discolouration from the enamel i.e. the outer layer of your teeth. It normally involves teeth whitening gel or tooth bleaches like hydrogen peroxide.

It requires multiple visit to your dentist but there are also options to complete the procedure in one office visit.

Your teeth over the time appear to be not-so-bright due to several reasons – consumption of intense color pigmented food and beverages, age factor, medication, health conditions etc. and teeth whitening seems to be a convenient option.

While this method has benefited many, one must make sure to consult a professional before undergoing such treatment. Abbotsford Dental Clinic offer a wide range of industry-approved options to not just restoring your natural white smile but enhance it to the max. They make use of aesthetic dental equipment and provide painless plus affordable solution that makes them one of the best dental care clinics in Abbotsford.

2. Cosmetic Dental Implants

If your confidence is at stake due to the unusual sight of your teeth, dental implants can be the option to look out for.

Cosmetic dental implant is the process of replacing lost teeth.As they are fixed in your jawbone, they function exactly like the natural ones. This method can also help in securing removable partial dentures and replacing teeth lost due to some disease or heavy medication. In short, they can act as a tooth root to anchor an artificial tooth and is surgically placed into the jawbone.

Consult your dentist before making a decision so that he can evaluate your dental health completely to develop a plan. This is to ensure you do not have any health conditions that can make this procedure inadvisable.

3. Cosmetic Dental Veneers

While teeth whitening is an effective and quick way to get back the radiant smile, there is another cosmetic dental solution that has become increasingly popular over the years.

Dental Veneers has become a norm in the tinsel town for its efficiency and great results. Veneers are basically like false nails which is layered in the front of the teeth to improve the colour and enhance its appeal. There are porcelain and composite resin veneers which are commonly used cosmetic dentistry materials. This method best works for crooked teeth and even to cover the gap between the teeth apart from getting rid of discolouration.

Many celebrities have ultra-white veneers on their teeth which they proudly flaunt in the magazine cover. But unfortunately, they can degrade the strength of the gums and can also have adverse effects. Hence consulting an expert is of utmost importance.The cosmetic dental veneer treatment from Five Corners Dental Centre has Professional Dentist in Abbotsford who is known for providing the most effective solution to your dental problems.

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